Attention for Bonaire in ELLE Magazine NL

Attention for Bonaire in ELLE Magazine NL

KRALENDIJK – The upcoming issue of the fashion magazine ELLE is full of fashion that has been photographed on Bonaire. There are also articles about the island. A team from ELLE was on Bonaire last January.

Several fashion shoots were done that can now be seen in the number 2 edition of ELLE Magazine NL that has a circulation of 148,000. ELLE is one of the leading fashion magazines worldwide, with a special Dutch edition. ELLE magazine will hit stores on March 28.

The coverage about Bonaire is headlined “Bonaire Rocks”, and shows the authenticity and a pure Caribbean atmosphere as the core of this series with a fashion shoot that captures the unique nature of our islands, especially cacti, beach and ocean and the colorful street life. Five pages are dedicated to information about our island, the best culinary addresses and adventures to explore.

TCB guided the team and is grateful for the cooperation with several local companies during the visit of ELLE Magazine.

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