Attracting more flight capacity to Bonaire not easy at the moment

BIA-director Maarten van der Scheer provided an oversight of developments at the Flamingo Airport. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire is in need of more flights and more capacity, but attracting new airlines or more flights by existing operators is not as simple as may seem. 

That was stated on Wednesday by BIA Director Maarten van der Scheer during the quarterly tourism figures report on Wednesday. “It is currently not easy to get more flights to Bonaire. The problem stems from the post-Covid-19 situation. Airlines struggle to find more pilots, parts, and technicians due to a global shortage.”


Nevertheless, TCB and BIA are in discussions with potential partners such as Winair, Jetblue, and Westjet. TCB Director Miles Mercera also emphasizes that achieving more airlift is important to maintain tourism performance.

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