Audit Chamber Rotterdam helps St. Eustatius with setup of own Audit Chamber

Help for the Audit Chamber on St. Eustatius comes out of Rotterdam. Photo: ABC Online Media/Bert Nijland

THE HAGUE/ORANJESTAD – The Audit Chamber of the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands is helping St. Eustatius to set up their own Audit Chamber, according to a letter of State Secretary Raymond Knops to Dutch Parliament.

“One of the tasks of an Audit Chamber is to investigate the legality of expenditures by public administration. The establishment of the Audit Chamber on St. Eustatius is one of the criteria from Phase 1.0 mentioned in the Explanatory Memorandum of the Act on the Restoration of Facilities on St. Eustatius,” according to Knops in his letter of 10 December about the eighth Progress Report on the ‘administrative intervention’ on St. Eustatius. .


The Audit Chamber of Sint Eustatius, which has in the meantime become operational, is still staffed by members of the Rotterdam Audit Chamber. “The recruitment of local members for the Audit Chamber is ongoing. The new members are expected to be appointed at the beginning of 2022”, according to Knops. Knops calls the set-up of the local Audit Chamber ‘a great step towards a robust, honest and self-regulatory government’.

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