Author Delno Tromp at book presentation in Bonaire: ‘Still Working Towards Liberation from Mental Slavery’

Delno Tromp presents the first copy of his book to Minister Hugo de Jonge, under the watchful eye of Governor Nolly Oleana. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- According to author Delno Tromp, who presented his latest book ‘Duizend achthonderdtweeënveertig’ (One Thousand Eight Hundred Forty-Two) on Saturday afternoon to commemorate 150 years of slavery abolition, residents of Bonaire still often need to work towards liberation from what he describes as mental slavery.

“It is true that today we are free individuals without physical chains. The struggle to reach this point was difficult. Yet undoubtedly, the liberation from mental slavery remains for us, “Tromp said in an introduction to the book.


The book will be distributed to students in all secondary schools. “It is important that our youth receive detailed lessons about history so that they know it was in Slagbaai where the first enslaved people were brought ashore.”

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