Authority Triangle: ‘Keeping Bonaire Safe Together’

KRALENDIJK – The Authority Triangle, consisting of the Island Governor, the Chief of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN), and the Public Prosecutor, is calling on the residents of Bonaire to work together to ensure the safety of the island.

Governor Reynold Oleana, who has been in office for 100 days, expressed concerns about certain developments on the island during a recent press conference. “Increasing noise pollution, litter, drug and alcohol use, and deteriorating road safety. These are all matters of priority,” said Oleana.

Chief of Police Alwyn Braaf also contributed his perspective. “We now have a policy that ‘Colliding means Blowing,'” said Braaf. In addition to random and planned alcohol checks in traffic, it is now standard to conduct checks after a collision. The Authority Triangle emphasizes once again that causing a fatal accident under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics is punishable by imprisonment.

However, the triangle also believes that enforcement is important but not the only solution to keeping the island safe and liveable.

“I urge the island’s citizens to join forces and actively participate in improving the living conditions on Bonaire. This can include reducing noise pollution, cleaning up litter, and discouraging drug and alcohol use,” said Governor Oleana.

Addressing inappropriate behaviour

The governor also emphasized the importance of not only paying attention to one’s own behaviour but also addressing friends, family members, or loved ones when they exhibit inappropriate behaviour.”

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