Avianca to fly nine times per week to Aruba

ORANJESTAD – Starting from July 4th, the Colombian airline is now offering a total of nine weekly flights connecting Aruba with the Colombian mainland.

In light of the flight expansion, the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) recently held discussions with Avianca’s team and the Aruba Airport Authority regarding the airline’s plans. Avianca, the largest Latin American airline serving Aruba, has played a crucial role in the region’s recovery. In particular, the Colombian market has experienced significant growth, surpassing the figures from 2019.

Avianca not only brings visitors from Colombia but also from distant markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. During the meeting, Avianca discussed its restructuring plans and potential new routes to diversify its operations.


Commencing from July 4th, Avianca will operate nine weekly flights from Bogota to Aruba. The ATA has closely collaborated with Avianca and launched multiple campaigns to promote Aruba in the Latin American region.

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