B-onair (be-on-air) newest broadcasting station on Bonaire

B-onair will soon start be broadcasting her TV channel on Telbo #61. Photo: B-onair.
Launch B-onair

B-onair will soon start be broadcasting her TV channel on Telbo #61. Photo: B-onair.

Kralendijk- On September 1st 2017 Bonaire’s newest broadcasting station B-onair will be launched. B-onair is an initiative of Infamous Productions Foundation and will be broadcasting her TV channel on Telbo #61 soon. The programs can be watched on the website, which will go live on September 1st. The channel will start with a small programming with the goal to offer new programs on a daily basis in the near future.

According to B-onair, they will soon be starting with the talkshow ‘Mantené Bo Man Tené’, where Siagnée Evertsz and her father Jefferson Rosalia talk with well-known couples on Bonaire about the secret of a happy marriage. September 1st the program Siagnée starts online, in her program she invites inspirational people to come and talk about several subjects, such as lifestyle, trends and culture. In the making are a children’s program, a music and a nature program. The programs will very in languages; Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish. Other languages and subtitles will be added soon, so more people can enjoy the shows. B-onair won’t be focusing on producing and broadcasting the daily news.

Creating content together
B-onair is a platform made for and by the people of Bonaire (and soon also Curaçao, Aruba, St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Maarten), connecting and engaging cultures and languages. People can come with their ideas and create, make and invent TV content together with B-onair. Content which will be broadcasted on the TV channel. B-onair also tries to encourage people to upload photos and videos on the website, like a (sports) event, church meeting, beautiful location or anything else special people would like to share. People who are interested to share or create, visit the website.

B-onair says their goal is to inform, entertain, engage and connect. To share the stories behind the news, go more in depth and show subjects that truly matter to the islands. The broadcasting station has the mission ’to stimulate the media environment on the islands and create more jobs in the media field’, especially for the many talented youngsters this region has.

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