Bachelor Beach left looking very unatractive after intervention

The dirt walls look absolutely horrible and one can even wonder if this is not against Stinapa regulations for the danger of possible run-off to the water. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- After an intervention at Bachelor Beach, requested by the Police Department, the popular beach is left looking extremely unattractive to visitors and beach goers.

Large blocks but also rows of dirt have been poured along the roadside. According to Police, the intervention was necesary for traffic safety.

Neighbors to Bachelor Beach appearantly saw a good opportunity to make use of the intervention and the subsequent confusion, to use the parking lot as a dumping ground.


While few people question the intervention as such, many question why it could not have been done in a nicer way without turning the beach area into an unattractive looking building plot, rather than as one of the most popular beaches on the island.

Many feel that the intervention and the way it has been done, will be used as an excuse to develop the area; something that is not supported by everyone on the island.

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