Beach Tennis Bonaire collaborates with JICN

On Sunday, October 15th, The Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands (JICN), in collaboration with the Beach Tennis Bonaire, held the closed championship of Beach Tennis for the fourth time within the walls of the institute.   

For a year there has been a collaboration between the JICN and Bonaire Beach Tennis. Every quarter of a year, a tournament is organized between six participants in couples of three. The main reason for organizing these quarterly tournaments is to reduce the threshold for both detainees and people outside the institute. When allowing the outside world to come inside of the institute it develops mutual contact and involvement.  The same applies the other way around by making the outside world aware of detainees,  making it easier to get along. This is important after the detention period because returning to the society is not always easy for ex-detainees. These types of partnerships provide a better connection to and with society.

The goal fits into the JICN’s policy. The JICN is committed to preparing the detainees as best as possible for a successful return to the society. The new establishment will launch the ‘Ban Pa Kambio’ program. The detainees can then obtain an MBO1 diploma (catering, green or construction) so that they have a greater chance on the job market.

This initiative shows a positive collaboration between the JICN and Beach Tennis Bonaire and can be seen as a positive step towards the business sector so that they are also stimulated to give former detainees a chance in society after detention.

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