Beach Tennis Bonaire now a ‘Recognized Training Company’

Picture: Beach Tennis Bonaire

Kralendijk- Beach Tennis Bonaire (BTB) has reached a new milestone on July 9, 2020 when ROA recognized the Foundation as an ‘official training company’.

This means that MBO students from the Sport and Exercise level 2, 3 and 4 program can now also do an internship at BTB.

“Everyone is welcome at Beach Tennis Bonaire, which is why it is very important to us that interns can now also come to us for their practical training period,” said Veerle Dijksma, director of BTB.

The foundation hopes that in this way it can contribute even more to Bonairean society, and the development of students in particular.

Many sports enthusiasts have already found BTB in past five years. In addition to the sports part, the social aspect at BTB is just as important. This allows the student to develop in different areas. In addition, BTB sees this possible expansion as an opportunity to grow. A real win-win situation for the island, according to BTB.


More information about an internship with BTB can be found at They can also be mailed at through

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