Bearing Point organizes another Tax Administration Performance Summit

Bearing Point organizes another Tax Administration Performance Summit

WILLEMSTAD- This week, BearingPoint Caribbean hosted its third annual Tax Administration Performance Summit, welcoming 10 tax authorities from the Caribbean and the Pacific.

The successful conference was attended both physically at BearingPoint’s office and virtually by remote participants.

Delegates from Dominica, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos, Fiji, Samoa and Papua New Guinea, among others, attended the three-day event. A wide range of topics were discussed during the meetings and discussions, ranging from trends and innovation in the tax administration sector to the adoption process of IT solutions.

The event was co-hosted by C2D Services, BearingPoint Caribbean’s Canada-based implementation partner responsible for data cleansing and migration, training and coaching, change management and communications support for tax authorities.


 “We were delighted to welcome all our participants after detailed and careful planning. We had to postpone the event last year due to COVID-19, so it is of great value to be able to reconnect with these 10 tax authorities to exchange experiences and best practices, says Avinash Grootens. She is Managing Director of Bearing Point Caribbean.

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