BearingPoint confident about assessment after criticism of Curacao’s Finance Minister

BearingPoint confident about assessment after criticism of Curacao’s Finance Minister
Onderschrift bij foto: The main office of BearingPoint in Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD-Consultancy organization BearingPoint consultancy say they are confident about an assessment to be done announced by Finance Minister of Finance Javier Sylavnia (MPB/Curaçao) by the Stichting Overheidsaccountantsbureau (SOAB) into the tender and implementation of the ICT system of the Tax Authorities Curaçao. Such an investigation only contributes to transparency.

“We are positive about this move announced in the Press. The investigation provides an opportunity to continue the factual discussion and to correct or avoid misunderstandings about this,” the consultant said in a statement on Sunday.

The service provider also says they are convinced of the quality of its products and services, which have been subjected periodically to external audits for many years, which are completed satisfactorily. “It is important to know that the Multi Tax Solution and Multi Collection Solution developed by us consist of a large number of modules for both the levying of taxes (at the Tax Inspectorate) and the collection of the taxes (at the Receiver of Curaçao). ” said Bearing Point.

Small part

BearingPoint further points out that the ADAF module discussed in the media, for automatic handling of filed taxes, is only a small part of the entire system and therefore of the total investment. “The Income Tax module (including the ADAF functionality) has been developed in accordance with the design requirements of the Curaçao Tax Authorities, tested and approved by the customer, and works exactly as intended. The percentage of declarations that are processed automatically depends entirely on the setting of the control parameters defined by the Inspectorate and the quality of the Inspectorate’s data. These two matters are completely outside BearingPoint’s sphere of influence,” the bureau explains.


The agency further states that it is proud of the quality of our local and international professionals and the fact that it contributes to what it calls the ‘foreign-generating export sector’ for the island. “Our software is mainly developed in Curaçao, is internationally recognized and is now used to full satisfaction at 13 tax authorities worldwide. We expect this use to grow to 20 tax authorities in the coming years, which will receive support for our software from our solution center in Curaçao.”

BearingPoint says it will participate in an effective and efficient investigation by SOAB. Pending both the official announcement of the investigation and its final findings, we will not comment further on this publicly,” the service provider said.

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