Biennial project plan provides for the realization of a Forensic Department

Kralendijk – Commissioned by the Directie Sanctietoepassing en Jeugd (Directorate of Sanctions Application and Youth), the Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency), the Justitiële Inrichting Caribisch Nederland (Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands, hereinafter JICN) and Maatschap Antillen (Netherlands Antilles Partnership) entered a two-year project on February 1st, 2020 to realize placement under forensic care within the JICN.

There is a great need for a good forensic department within the JICN. Providing specialized care for detainees with a behavioral disorder or addiction was not yet possible in the Caribbean Netherlands. By joining forces this project plan provides for the treatment of detainees who are already housed within the JICN. Within a custom equipped department JICN employees are trained as care and treatment facility workers. They are supported by two psychologists who are responsible for the treatment of the detainees. Together with two activity supervisors they will design the forensic department. Detainees for this department will be selected by behavioral specialists from Detention and Reintegration (Detentie en Re-integratie).

With the start of this project plan, help can be provided that is necessary for the detainees. It meets a need that is strongly felt within the JICN. The right care for every detainee. This is also a step forward for the mobility within the JICN. JICN employees get an extra opportunity to develop themselves in their career. On Monday, February 3rd, this memorable fact will be honored.

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