Boat Party ‘Aquafest’ this weekend in Kralendijk

Photo credits - Archive photo Boat Party 2021 from Bonaire Boat Events

KRALENDIJK – The much-anticipated Aquafest, also known as the Boat Party, is scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 5, and will be held between the pier of Karel’s and the North Pier.

Governor Oleana issued a special appeal to the community to enjoy this festive event. “It’s a wonderful occasion for the community, and I wish everyone a delightful time on the water and from the shore. I believe enjoyment and respect for nature, the environment, and each other can coexist. So, take your responsibility to ensure the event runs in an orderly and safe manner. Clean up your waste to prevent sea pollution,” Oleana said in a press release.

To safeguard the safety of all participants, various authorities, including the Coast Guard, Customs, Royal Marechaussee, Police Corps Caribbean Netherlands, and the Public Body Bonaire, who together form the Multidisciplinary Maritime Hub Bonaire, will be keeping a watchful eye.

A special permit has been granted for the event to take place, and the necessary arrangements have been made. There will be a special line available for docking boats, and the area between the pier of Karel’s and the North Pier will be specifically cordoned off for this event.

Upon the conclusion of the party, the area will also be thoroughly cleaned up.

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