Boat trip MBO for promotion of new chef training in Papiamentu

KRALENDIJK- MBO Bonaire celebrated with a boat trip that it is finally possible to continue learning in Papiamentu for a self-employed cook at level 3.

A change in the law has made this possible since the autumn of 2022. MBO Bonaire has tackled the legislative change with both hands and developed the new ‘working and learning’ training. The boat sailed past several restaurants. The restaurants have received a symbolic gift to highlight this milestone. The gift contained flyers from the training to be distributed among the employees. In a poem it was once again noted that it took years to get this done.

A delegation from MBO Bonaire and ROA CN was present on the boat, together with 2 former students of the chef training level 2 and Nina den Heyer, head of OCW RCN. The boat first docked at Buddy Dive and then continued to Divi Flamingo and Plaza Beach & Dive resort.


Nina den Heyer stated that students who previously fell by the wayside now have the chance of a good future: “Language should certainly not be an obstacle for this specific group to be able to complete their education and then fully participate in our local labor market. “

Liset de Keijzer, MBO unit director, adds: “The start of our BBL training for self-employed cook is extremely important for the professionalization of our catering companies and a great opportunity for students who want to develop further. A complicated amendment to the law was necessary to be able to offer the training in Papiamentu. We are glad it worked out!”

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