Bon Doet once again mobilized many volunteers on Bonaire

Volunteers helping to give the Animal Shelter a new coat of point. Photo: Animal Shelter Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Bon Doet has again raised the necessary volunteers this year. The volunteer campaign, which is organized annually in both the Netherlands and the Dutch islands in the Caribbean, was officially opened on Friday by deputy Elvis Tjin Asjoe, whose portfolio includes Social Affairs.

The volunteers were also working on various projects on Saturday, including those in elderly care and at animal shelters such as the Animal Shelter Bonaire.


“Of course, volunteering is done all year round and not just during these two days,” says Signalda Domacassé of the NGO platform. “But it is really nice to see so many volunteers get in action and work together in a positive atmosphere for the benefit of many on the island”. 

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