Bonaire Airport acquires several plots of land within Airport perimeters

Photo BIA

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire International Airport (BIA) has purchased several pieces of land this week. In total, 16 hectares were acquired in ownership.

According to Jos Hillen, interim director of the Company, the airport has been extensively renovated since October 10, 2010, when it became a special municipality. “A new fencing was also installed around large parts of the airport to form a safe barrier between the airport site and the public area. With this operation, privately owned sites have become enclosed,” says Hillen.

According to the airport director, at the time, all kinds of initiatives by both the shareholder and the airport did not lead to successful realization of land purchases or land exchange.

New Board

After the appointment of a new Supervisory Board and a new Executive Board in July 2019, new steps were taken to purchase land for these sites or to exchange land. “With advice from advisors in this specific area, we try to reach agreements with the relevant owners for a limited land price,” Hillen says about the process. Incidentally, it is also a given that private use of the land at the aerodrome cannot be discussed in any case.

Hillen also says that in January 2022, after long negotiations, almost 16 hectares of land were purchased from 2 owners. On Monday, the inspection of the land took place, together with the former owners and the land registry.

According to Hillen, the airport still has about 30% of the total area. “This is under further negotiation,” Hillen reports.

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