Bonaire Airport initiates investigation into baggage cart incident

The Britten-Norman Islander of Divi Divi had some light damage, but fortunately there were no personal injuries

KRALENDIJK- Bonaire International Airport (BIA) has announced that it has launched an investigation into an incident involving a runaway baggage cart. On Thursday, the cart was observed spinning uncontrollably on the platform before colliding with the terrace wall of the departure hall.

The airport emphasizes that there were no passengers in the vicinity at the time of the incident. “No injuries were sustained by the staff involved, and the damage is minimal,” BIA stated in a written statement.


The incident involved a vehicle used in the handling of a Divi Divi Air flight from Curaçao. At the time of the incident, baggage was being unloaded from the aircraft. According to regulations, vehicles must be safely parked on the platform.

The airport management expresses regret over the incident and is currently conducting further investigations to determine the exact cause. As of Friday morning, the cart was still visible at the site of the accident.

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