Bonaire and Curaçao Featured in Shirma Rouse’s New Cooking Show on 24Kitchen

Shirma Rouse during the filming of an episode on the beach in Bonaire. Photo: TCB

KRALENDIJK/WILLEMSTAD- Shirma Rouse will be presenting a new cooking and travel show, ‘Shirma’s Caribbean Flavors’, which will feature among others Curaçao and Bonaire. The show will be premiering on June 22 on Disney’s digital cooking channel 24Kitchen.

The culinary experiences on Bonaire are the focus of three 22-minute episodes that will air starting July 13; Curaçao is featured in the first three episodes. The six-part series will air every Saturday from June 22 at 8:30 PM in Holland, or 2:30 PM in Bonaire.

The series is hosted by Shirma Rouse, who is proud of her Antillean roots. She previously hosted a culinary studio show on 24Kitchen called Shirma’s Soul Food, which highlighted Caribbean cuisine. The significant difference with the brand-new Shirma’s Caribbean Flavors is that Shirma leaves the studio and goes on the road. She visits the islands of Bonaire and Curaçao. In addition to cooking with local chefs, Shirma visits various dining spots and explores island life.


In the three episodes that focus on Bonaire’s local cuisine, visits are made to places like John’s Ice Cream in Rincon, Maiky Snack, Nature Cooking School, Bon Tera, Brass Boer, Cactus Blue, Cadushy Distillery, Blue Lagun Cafe, and Sweety Bakery Bonaire. There is also attention to the island’s unique natural beauty, such as the salt pans and various beaches. Filming for the series took place on Bonaire at the end of February.


In addition to being featured in three episodes of the culinary series, Bonaire will also be highlighted in the 24Kitchen newsletter and on its social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Finally, recipes from the episodes will be available on, and the website will feature an editorial article about Bonaire and its culinary offerings. The entire series will be rerun later in the year on Disney’s 24Kitchen channel, which is watched by over 3 million people.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) says to be thrilled with the exposure which Shirma Rouse’s new show will bring about.

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