Bonaire and the Netherlands sign agreement for Flamingo Airport expansion

Minister Harbers of Traffic and Infrastructure, flanked by Commissioner Thielman and BIA-director Maarten van der Scheer, signed the agreement on behalf of The Netherlands. 

KRALENDIJK- The Government of Bonaire, together with The Netherlands wil invest a considerable amount of money to upgrade the facilities of Bonaire International Airport (BIA). 

The investments are needed to ensure that the airport can better meet international safety standards in the future. The terminal of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) will also be expanded and modernized in the coming years, with an eye for sustainability.

In total the investments will amount to about 50 million dollars. A part of the capital needed will be provided by the governments of The Netherlands and Bonaire, but funding will also be sought from private investors. The airport, by means of fees and levies, will also raise money for the future improvements. 


The project will have a relatively long preparatory phase, where the airport will establish firstly what exactly they want and how they will realize the necessary expansion. 

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