Bonaire breaks visitor records in 2023

KRALENDIJK – Despite an initial uncertainty if the previous record in tourism arrivals would be broken or not, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has now communicated that the previous record was broken in 2023 with 169,706 stay-over visitors. 

The amount of stay-over tourists shows 8% growth compared to 2019. Dutch visitors accounted for 47% of the total, followed by the United States (23%) and Curaçao (14%). The island has experienced three consecutive years of annual growth, attracting a diverse mix of returning and new visitors. Notably, 60% of December’s visitors were returning guests. The majority visited for vacations (52%), with diving as a significant attraction. The preferred accommodation for most tourists was hotels or resorts (56%). 

High satisfaction

TCB’s exit surveys reflected high satisfaction, with a likelihood of 93% to recommend Bonaire, an excellent overall stay rating (92 out of 100), and a likelihood of 91% to revisit. TCB Director Miles Mercera expressed enthusiasm for the results, praising Bonaire’s resilience and the community’s support as driving forces behind the success of the tourism sector.

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