‘Bonaire Bus’ revealed in The Netherlands

KRALENDIJK- Recently Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) announced its new partnership with local windsurfers Amado Vrieswijk, Elton ‘Taty’ Frans and Youp Schmit. One the first projects executed as part of our long-term collaboration is the reveal of the “Bonaire Bus” in partnership with Amado Vrieswijk. 

The Bonaire bus is considered our mobile promotional billboard. Amado and Bonaire’s windsurfers team will be traveling across Europe with the “Bonaire Bus” to attend all of their windsurfing competitions.

The “Bonaire Bus” is also part of a digital campaign to be launched soon by Tourism Corporation Bonaire where viewers or spotters around Europe can participate and win a trip to Bonaire. 

The reveal of the “Bonaire Bus” took place on January 26th in Zandvoort. TCB and Amado visited several key Bonaire tourism partners in the Netherlands to share the warmth of our island. All partners received a locally made tea box by Edson Frans with a local postcard created by local artist Nadia Dabboussi, the postcards have been personalized by our local Bonaire Ambassadors.  


Commissioner Hennyson Thielman and Commissioner James Kroon say they are ‘extremely happy’ that Government, via TCB, can contribute to our athletes with the Bonaire bus. When they are traveling, they are already giving a lot exposure to the island, and with this bus the promotion for the island will be even more visible. We are proud and thankful. 

“Amado, Taty and all of our other athletes work hard to put Bonaire on the map. We wish them a lot of success with the competitions ahead”, said commissioners Kroon and Thielamn. 

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