Bonaire celebrates International Day of the Elderly

Commissioner Den Heyer addressing the crowd. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- On Bonaire, the International Day of the Elderly was celebrated on Saturday at the Cocari foundation.

Commisioner Nina den Heyer thanked all those present for coming to the celebration. “Slowly, things are getting better for the elderly on the island. We are not there yet, but we do believe in a gradual improvement of the situation of the elderly on the island,” said Den Heyer.

Genara Timp-Silberie also addressed the attendees. She pointed out that there are now about 3000 people over sixty living on the island. “As a ZW group, we are committed to serving you as best as possible”, says Timp-Silberie

Oldest inhabitants

Special attention was given to the two oldest inhabitants of the island. It concerns Servilia St. Jago who will turn 99 next month and Egeni Guillermo Cicilia, who is the oldest man on the island at 95 years old.

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