Bonaire closed for European Travelers; US flights continue (for now)

It is so far business as usual at Flamingo Airport for North American carriers. Delta passengers are seen here boarding on Sunday afternoon, while Sunwing out of Toronto is just touching down. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- Travelers from Europe are no longer allowed to enter Bonaire. The decision for the measure was taken Friday evening, but came into full effect on Sunday.

On Saturday, KLM arrived with only residents of the island on board; Tui arrived with both residents and tourists alike. Although in first instance thought was given to the option of not allowing the tourists arriving on Tui into the island, in the end a mandatory quarantine was ordered. Arriving passengers were also interviewed and notes were taking of contact information.

Local government is requesting travelers to notify them immediately in the case of any symptoms which may point towards the infection by the COVID-19 virus.

North America

Flights out of North-America are still continuing. Island Governor Edison Rijna indicated on Friday that further measures, which could include the prohibition of flights out of the US and Canada, are still being considerd.

So far there are no (suspected) cases of Corona on the island. In the meantime however there are 3 confirmed cases on Curaçao and 2 on Aruba.

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