Bonaire Closes Schools, Daycare and Gyms; Restaurants can remain Open

Island Governor Edison Rijna this afternoon communicated the new measures.

Kralendijk- Schools, gyms, cresches and churches on Bonaire will have to close effective immediately.

This was communicated during a news conference given this afternoon by the Island Policy Team (EBT) in the Passangrahan.

Restaurants however, may remain open under certain conditions. Employees must keep as far away from customers as possible and no more than 50 people may be present in the relevant restaurant, including employees.

Daycare healthcare workers

Lieutenant Governor Rijna indicated during the press conference that, despite the closing of daycare centers, childcare will be provided for those who work in healthcare and who have no other alternative.

This childcare will also be available for those with other critical jobs, although it was not indicated what these professions are.

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