Bonaire Covid Drive-thru on August 18

Kralendijk – Bonaire will organize another Covid Drive-thru on August 18, 2020. Residents who think they have symptoms of Covid-19 can set up an appointment to pass by at the drive-thru.

The usual method is that tests are taken at the patient’s home, but by organizing a COVID drive-tru on August 18, Bonaire wants to test as many people as possible with as little exposure from residents and medical staff as possible.

Those wanting to make an appointment can call the toll-free number 0800-0800 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. to sign up for a test.

The drive-thru entrance will be is at the Bonaire Public Health location, Kaya Gilberto F. Betico Croes 24, Kralendijk. That’s the blue building opposite the stadium. There is a tent in the parking lot next to the building. When you drive past the tent, an employee takes a sample. This is done by running a cotton swab down the patient’s throat and nose.

A second employee will register personal and other data. The tested persons will then receive a folder about how and when they will receive the test results.

A maximum of two people per car can be tested.

Preventive Measures

Government reminds residents and visitors that it is important that everyone continues to comply with the preventative measures. It is recommended to avoid crowded places and keep five feet apart, wash hands and stay home in case of even the slightest symptomps which can point to the presence of a Covid-19 infection, such as a sore throat, slight fever or sneezing.

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