Bonaire dominates Scuba Diving Awards with ten victories

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire has reaffirmed its status as a premier diving destination by winning ten awards at the prestigious Reader’s Choice Awards 2024 by Scuba Diving magazine. These victories include first places in key categories such as Shore Diving, Beginner Diving, Underwater Photography, and Snorkeling.

For 31 years, Bonaire has been recognized as the best Shore Diving destination in the Caribbean and Atlantic region. The recent accolades show that the island remains a favorite among beginner divers and is also an excellent spot for underwater photography and snorkeling.

In addition to these honorable mentions, Bonaire also secured second place in the categories of Best Macro Life and Best Health of Marine Environment. This highlights the island’s rich biodiversity and healthy underwater environment. Third places were achieved in the categories Best Overall Destination and Best Advanced Diving, underscoring the versatility and challenge of Bonaire’s diving locations.

Bonaire was also acknowledged for its exceptional value for money and the quality of its wall diving, receiving a Reader’s Choice listing in both categories.

The results of the Reader’s Choice Awards 2024 can be found online at and in the November 2023 edition of Scuba Diving magazine. These awards once again confirm Bonaire’s position as a leading destination in the world of diving.

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