Bonaire ExCo: ‘Not in favor of a smaller development at Plantation Bolivia either’

The potential development of the former plantation is highly controversial. Photo: Bert Nijland

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council is also not in favour of a potentially smaller development at the former Plantation Bolivia, owned by Bonaire Properties of the wealthy Breemhaar family. 

Commissioner Clark Abraham clarified this last Friday at the weekly press conference of the Council. A week earlier, the ExCo had indicated that the plans, as presented so far, do not align with the vision or ambitions of the current executive council. 

Some media interpreted this as the Council being open to other, more small-scale developments in the area. “That interpretation is not correct,” says Abraham. While Abraham had mentioned being open to ‘different plans’ from the entrepreneurial family, such as plans for social housing elsewhere on the island, he clarified that such plan should be then realized in other areas, but not the former Plantation.


Abraham reiterated that discussions with Bonaire Properties recently started, and at this moment, there is little substantive information that can be shared. He emphasized the council’s respect for the rights of all citizens to be heard.

“We are also willing to meet and engage in discussions with developers to explore possibilities, however, the potential impact on the island’s nature will be an important consideration when deciding on certain development plans”.

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