Bonaire Executive Council pledges support for local businesses for purchase of goods and services

Bonaire’s Executive Council wants to prioritize the drafting of a formal procurement & tendering policy, which will also give preference to local providers. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The Executive Council of Bonaire, supported by the PDB, M21, and the Faction Vrolijk, has expressed its commitment to drafting a procurement & tendering policy, that gives preference to local businesses on Bonaire. 

This was highlighted during the weekly press conference of the Executive Council in response to questions from A recent study by, in collaboration with consultancy firm Linkels & Partners, revealed that only 15% of participating entrepreneurs believe that the island’s Governments actively strive to purchase products or services primarily from local providers. 

Both Commissioner of Economy, Clark Abraham, and the Commissioner of Social Affairs, Nina den Heyer, emphasized the value that the Executive Council places on local procurement or tendering. They identified it as a priority to first consider local entrepreneurs when purchasing services and products, as they contribute to the economy, pay taxes, and employ workers. 


There is growing criticism on Bonaire of foreign companies offering goods or services on Bonaire  without being registered, paying taxes, or making local investments. Many local entrepreneurs perceive this as ‘unfair competition’.

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