Bonaire Featured in Corendon Online Blogs

Photo: TCB

Kralendijk – Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) in cooperation with Corendon organized a press trip to Bonaire between May 8th and May 11th , 2019 whereby a total of six (6) top travel journalists and social media influencers visited the island.

The main purpose of the press trip is for the journalists and social media influencers write about their experiences in Bonaire so that Bonaire receive exposure through articles, videos and images. Some of the articles
were already published and the others are planned to be published around the end of the year.

The representatives were mesmerized with the services and products Bonaire had to offer. They explored Bonaire with a tour around the island visiting the points of interest and experienced different types of activities. All these were part of their trip to get to know the island, culture and our people. They were amazed by our cultural and traditional dance “Simadan” and our cultural song “Remailo”.

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