Bonaire gets nine condom dispensers in popular hotspots

KRALENDIJK- The Government of Bonaire is installing a total of 9 condom vending machines in central locations. Commissioner Nina den Heyer was present last week when the first condom vending machine was placed at Carwash Damrik by order of the Public Health Department.

The machines have colorful stickers and can be recognized by the slogan ‘Kondon Kuné.’ The condoms cost 50 cents each, the machine only accepts quarters.

The Public Health Department hopes that the condom machines will ensure that more people have safe sex. Safe sex can prevent STDs, HIV/AIDS and unwanted (teenage) pregnancies. It is not the first time that the department pays attention to safe sex. In the past, as part of the ‘Sali Seif’ campaign, the department distributed free condoms during the carnival.


The condom vending machines are located in the following places:

Sentro Médiko Sùit, Antriol Doctor’s Clinic, Sentro di Bario Nort Salinja, Sentro di Bario Amboina, Donkey Beach / Te Amo Beach, Carwash Damrik, Karels Beach Bar, Cozy Place and Toko Magdalena. At each vending machine you can buy four types of condoms from the ONE brand. These are the ONE Super Sensitive, ONE Legend XL, ONE Pleasure Plus and ONE Super Studs. These condoms meet the European quality standard.

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