Bonaire gets own Tugboat Company: KTB Tugs

Bonaire’s new tugboad Ola. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- On Monday an agreement was signed between the Kompania di tou Kòrsou (KTK) and newly formed KTB Tugs, for a five-year concession under which KTK will manage Bonaire’s new tugboat service. 

After Bopec’s bankruptcy, the island has gone some time without a stable tugboat service. This is usually not a problem, but at times the use of a tug boat is necessary for the safe mooring of the larger ships in the port of Kralendijk. 

A five-year agreement between the KTK and KTB now secures the availability and deployability of an ‘own’ tugboat for the coming years. Both KTB Tugs, represented by Commissioner of Economy and Tourism, Hennyson Thielman, and economy minister Ruisandro Cijntje of Curaçao were pleased with the agreement.

For Thielman the creation of six jobs and the availability of a tugboat within the harbour is of importance, while Cijntje is especially pleased with the collaboration between the two islands and the provision of services by a Curaçao company.


According to Cijntje, Bonaire has everything to facilitate further growth. “We, as Curaçao, would like to be part of that growth. I wish Bonaire every success”.

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