Bonaire Government and Qredits want to stimulate agricultura with loan program

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity Bonaire and Qredits are working on a special incentive scheme for agricultural companies on Bonaire. Commissioner Thielman discussed additional options for promoting the agricultural sector in a meeting with Qredits.

Promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development is one of the Executive Council’s priorities. In recent years, the public body Bonaire has created a number of incentives for active agricultural entrepreneurs. For example, lots have been made available on the LVV site for agricultural entrepreneurs who want to produce vegetables and/or fruit on the LVV site. In addition, coaches have been appointed from the agricultural program ‘Simia pa produkto’ to help entrepreneurs write a business plan and the Public Entity Bonaire pays half of the tractor costs for plowing an agricultural site. And funds have been made available to stimulate the agricultural market.

Following on from the regulations that give an impulse to the sector, during a meeting with Elwin Groenevelt, director of Qredits and Mrs. Milagros Blanken, branch manager of Qredits Bonaire, Commissioner Thielman discussed the possibilities for microcredit especially for the agricultural sector. According to Thielman, lack of financial resources is currently one of the obstacles for local entrepreneurs to start their own business or to expand further in the agricultural sector. Both parties are prepared to provide the necessary financial impulse to the sector, and in the coming months will make preparations for the introduction of an agro-loan on Bonaire.


“This product creates extra financial scope for expansion and sustainability of existing agricultural companies and an opportunity for a good start of new agricultural companies. A constructive contribution to the sector, economic diversification and local food production on the island”, says Thielman.

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