Bonaire Government and TCB warn once more: ‘Only Pay Tourism Tax via official channels’

KRALENDIJK – The Government of Bonaire and Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) have issued  another warning as the upcoming high season approaches, namely to pay the so-called Visitor Entry Tax only through the official site.

Since July 1, 2022, non-residents of Bonaire must pay a Visitor Entry Tax of $75, while children aged 12 and under pay $10. This replaces previous taxes for hotels and car rentals. 

A joint press release cautions against using commercial websites that charge extra for the tax, and emphasizes the government’s and TCB’s non-responsibility for data provided to these resellers. 

Airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and dive schools are urged to provide customers and guests with accurate information and encourage them to pay the Visitor Entry Tax online before arrival, facilitating a quick entry with the provided QR code.


Different so called ‘service websites’ charge visitors considerably more for the VET than the official channel does. While these portal do provide an official entry code, the price is often 15 to 40 dollars more expensive than the one purchased via the official site. 

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