Bonaire Government confirms: US-bound Travelers need to be fully vaccinated

American Airlines Airbus A319 Photo Harald Linkels

KRALENDIJK- All travellers from Bonaire to the United States must be double vaccinated to enter the country. This means that people who have had corona and therefore received one corona jab must get the second corona jab before they travel to the US.

Fully vaccinated citizens who plan to travel can request a digital QR code at 0800 0900. A person who has had corona and has therefore only been vaccinated once, is advised to apply for the QR code after all. to get a shot.


The advice to get two corona shots, even with a Corona infection behind it, is now given by Bonaire Government because many countries, including the US, are required to use the QR code to be admitted.

Citizens can request the QR code from Monday to Friday during office hours at 0800 0900. They will then be given an appointment to collect the paper QR code. When applying, they must have their vaccination certificate and proof of identity at hand. The paper code can be picked up at Sentro Deportivo Jorge Nicolaas. When collecting the code, citizens receive a paper explanation of how to upload the code on their mobile phone. If needed, citizens can also get help uploading the code.

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