Bonaire Government consults with owners of Bolivia on Future Development

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) prefers a smaller scale of development on the former Bolivia plantation, than the current plans on the table indicate. 

The Executive Council for this reason has already held discussions with the owners of the area. According to Commissioner Clark Abraham, the discussions have taken place in a positive atmosphere, and there is an intention to continue exchanging thoughts on the plans. 

A first step in this process would be the signing of a ‘Letter of Intent’, in which certain matters are formalized. “A frustration on the part of the owners is that, so far, they have not heard from the Government regarding the presentation of their plans,” says Abraham. 


According to Abraham, there may be a certain level of development possible in the area. “However, we must ensure that the natural and cultural, as well as historical heritage of the area, suffer as little damage as possible.” 

Abraham states that the owners of Bolivia have expressed that open and honest communication is a top priority. “And we, as the Executive Council, agree with that,” says the Commissioner of Economic Affairs and Tourism.

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