Bonaire Government Facebook Page ‘likes’ MPB-post

KRALENDIJK – Among the political parties on Bonaire that preparing for the March 15 elections on Bonaire, a Facebook post by governing party Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB) has led to quite some surprise. The political post was ‘liked’ by the official Facebook Page of the Public Entity Bonaire.

Leader of the opposition party PDB, Clark Abraham, thinks the course of events is unacceptable. “It seems that someone from the Public Entity likes ‘posts’ from the MPB. But the Public Entity is supposed to be neutral, isn’t it?

The post is now circulating on social media as well. However, there is still no response from the OLB itself. Also, the ‘like’ has not yet been removed.

Not good

Commissioner Hennyson Thielman, responsible for communication, among other things, says he regrets the incident. “This is not good and should not be done. I can assure you that no one within the office of the Commissioner to Government’s Facebook Page. The first assumption is that it may be an employee of the Communications department, who does have access to the Page and who ‘liked’ the post using the wrong profile. We are still looking into what exactly happened”. 

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