Bonaire Government installs Animal Welfare Work Group

There are many and often very distressing cases when it comes to animal welfare on the island. Photo: Animal Protection Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) has established a working group that will focus on animal welfare on the island.

The establishment of this working group is a continuation of the previous Dog Welfare Working Group. The working group will address current issues such as stray dogs on the island but will also advocate for animal welfare in a broader sense.

In addition to improving the living conditions of animals, the working group also aims to increase knowledge in the field of animal care. Through educational programs and awareness initiatives, it seeks to ensure that pet owners and animal lovers have the necessary information and skills to care for their pets properly.

Information Campaign

In the upcoming second quarter, the working group will launch an information campaign aimed at raising awareness among pet owners and animal lovers.

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