Bonaire Government retracts earlier statement about cause for delay in Road Maintenance Program

Residents of the island are totally fed up with the dismal state of the roads and the lack of significant progress. Photo: BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- The Executive Council of Bonaire has put out a statement on Friday, partially retracting an earlier statement from Thursday about the cause in the delay of the road maintenance on the island.

In the statement issued Thursday, Government seemed to suggest that the lack of execution of the program was caused by a delay in the transfer of Funds by the Dutch Government. “Bonaire is waiting for money promised by the Netherlands to fix roads”, was the headline of the press statement of Thursday. And: “At the moment, the Public Entity is waiting on the next installment, so that the roads work can be carried out according to the schedule presented”.


On Friday, a new release was sent out, stating that the Government regretted the impression that may have arisen from the earlier statement, namely that the Dutch Goverment was somehow to blame for the slow execution and/or the lack of progress. “The Executive Council emphasizes that the road program is being implemented in close consultation with the Netherlands and regrets the confusion that has arisen after the release of the press release about the road renovations. Unfortunately, the wrong impression was created that Bonaire can only implement the road program after the next tranche of money has been paid by the Netherlands”.

The Executive Council emphasizes that the road maintenance and improvement program is being executed ‘in good coordination and consultation’ with the Dutch Government.

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