Bonaire Government says to evaluate tourism tax, but timeline remains unknown

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity Bonaire states that it is currently evaluating, together with stakeholders such as TCB, BONHATA, and IND, what is currently working well and what can be improved in collecting the tourist tax.

The statement from Bonaire Government comes after a critical press release on Monday from the pressure group Airport Tax Busters Bonaire (ATBB), which outlined all objections to the current form of the tax. ATBB pointed out that tourists who enter more frequently have to pay the full amount each time, while also mentioning that Bonaire-born Dutch nationals have to pay the high rate to enter the island.

“All complaints, objections, and comments received over the past year are also being analyzed carefully. The ordinance itself, such as the tax rate, validity period, and categories eligible for rate exemptions, is also being reviewed,” according to the statement put out on Tuesday by local Government. 

“We are carrying forward the evaluation points from last year to this year. Efficient feasibility is an important criterion for us. A tax ordinance should be balanced and practically implementable,” said Commissioner Jolinda Craane about the process.

No timeline

Missing, however, in the Tuesday’s response  by Bonaire Government is a timeline for the ongoing evaluation. As long as adjustments in the law are lacking, especially returning visitors will continue to face significant payments.

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