Bonaire government signs agreement with developers Plantation Bolivia

Bonaire government signs agreement with developers Plantation Bolivia
Island Governor Rijna and Mieke Breemhaar signing the agreement, with Commissioner Kroon watching on

KRALENDIJK- Despite widely supported protests against the plans to develop the former Bolivia plantation, the Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) this week signed an agreement to jointly investigate the possibilities for Development of the area. 

Bonaire Properties, owner of the area, says they want to develop a ‘small part’ for housing, agriculture and horticulture and ecotourism. In the remaining 90%, nature will be restored where necessary and brought under professional management, the company says.


The press release also states that in the past year intensive consultations were held between Bonaire Government and Bonaire Properties, among other things to map out which laws and regulations must be complied with.

“From the documentation and the conversations it has become clear to us that the project is not only approached in a very professional manner, but that Bonaire’s interests are also treated with respect. The latter determines our final judgment,” says Island Governor Edison Rijna.

According to director of Bonaire Properties Mieke Breemhaar, the former plantation has been ‘neglected’ for years. “Bolivia has been neglected for decades. Nature threatens to be completely lost due to goat grazing and erosion. By developing a small part, this beautiful part of Bonaire can be saved and at the same time we contribute to solving some urgent bottlenecks such as the shortage of affordable housing, a more diverse tourist offer, education and reducing the dependence on imports of agricultural and horticultural products. We are confident that we will come to a balanced plan together with the OLB.”


Commissioners Kroon, Thielman and Den Heyer are also positive about the plan. Among other things, they praise what they describe as a ‘responsible approach’.

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