Bonaire Government signs LOI with Curaçao and Aruba for closer cooperation on Sport Events

Those present spoke of a beautiful celebration. Photo: OLB

KRALENDIJK – Commissioner James Kroon of sport has signed a letter of intent on behalf of the BC in the field of sports matters, the statement was also signed by Endy Croes, the Aruban minister of sport and the Curaçao minister of sport Sithree van Heydoorn.

The signing took place in the context of the celebration of Indebon’s 40th anniversary. During the celebration, various employees were put in the spotlight who are enjoying a well-deserved retirement.


The purpose of the LOI is to resume the inter-insular sports competitions for schools that stopped in 2016. Indebon has taken the initiative to breathe new life into this project. Aruba and Curaçao have agreed. The intention is to get the inter-island games started again this school year.

Errol ‘Joy’ St. Jago, the first head that Indebon has known, was a guest at the signing of the letter of intent and the celebration. Joy has talked about his time as head and has also brought back several fond memories.

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