Bonaire government starts upgrade of main street and downtown area 

An impression of the Kaya Grandi after the planned renovations | Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) is going to tackle the so-called central area of ​​Kralendijk considerably. This became clear from a press conference held on Friday morning, which provided information about the project.

The first phase of the renovation work will start on 19 September. First, the main street, the Kaya Grandi, will be taken care of. Various adjustments will be made in the field of infrastructure and landscaping. For example, the asphalt will be removed and replaced by clinkers and the sidewalk will be tiled. In addition, there will be more benches to sit on. More trees will also be planted, there will be more street lighting and a play area for children.

The project team has divided the project into phases in order to reduce nuisance as much as possible. The expectation is to be able to complete the first phase before Christmas. Work on phases 2 and 3 will start in 2023. The exact planning of this is coordinated and partly determined by the stakeholders of the Kaya Grandi, including the shops, restaurants and Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB).

“The center of Kralendijk is the most visited area for walking and shopping. In order to continue to stimulate visitors and companies, the Kaya Grandi will not only be renovated in an aesthetic sense, but also in terms of infrastructure,” said deputy James Kroon of infrastructure about the project.

Extra parking space

The shortage of parking space will also be addressed as part of the project. In the first phase of the project, 42 new places will be realized next to the post office building. In phase two, another 85 will be added for the stadium. In the Kaya Grandi, which will in principle remain open to traffic, a number of parking spaces will be sacrificed in order to realize the plans.

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