Bonaire Government warns visitors about resellers of Visitor Entry Test

The search in English brings you to an add of the reseller

Like The BES-Reporter pointed out some time ago, there is at least one active reseller of the Bonaire Tourism Tax on the internet. The website in question sells the Visitor Entry Tax, which normally costs $ 75, for a higher price.

The resellers often charge tens of dollars extra to unsuspecting travelers. Bonaire Government and the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) will now actively provide information to ensure that the reseller does not mislead visitors. Both organizations also point out that they do not bear any responsibility in case visitors enter personal data on websites, other than that of the OLB or the TCB. The organizations are referring to, for example, entering credit card details and other sensitive information.

Not punishable

The OLB already had contact with the Cyber Police of the KCPN in December 2022. However, the KPCN has indicated that in their opinion this is not a criminal offense.

“Resellers collect the tourist tax as a service to customers on the Internet. Their site clearly states that they are a private company, and they offer this as a service. They also mention that of the higher amount paid, 75 dollars in tourist tax will be paid to Bonaire. It is the visitor’s own responsibility to inform himself properly about the correct rates; he is not forced to pay more”, according to a press release from Bonaire Government and the TCB. 

The head of finance of the Public Entity, Guus van Eerde agrees. “We receive from the visitor who has paid a higher amount through this site 75 dollars in our bank account, and the visitor in turn receives a valid QR code with which he can visit the island without any problems”. 

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