Bonaire Government will provide more information on storm-precautions on Wednesday

Acting Governor Oleana and support team providing details on Tuesday. Photo: ABC Online Media

Update: Early this wednesdaymorning new information was provided by the government, we will have this update as soon as possible!

KRALENDIJK- Today around 11 am, the Public Entity Bonaire will announce more about any measures that will be taken when tropical storm Potential Tropical Cyclone Tw (PTC-2) passes over the island.

Acting Governor Reynold Oleana and Disaster Response Coordinator Christopher Frans on Tuesday afternoon held a press conference in which some generic information was provided.

Oleana was quite specific in naming things that citizens can do now. This concerns matters such as ensuring the availability of sufficient drinking water, food and flashlights, but also cleaning up loose objects in gardens. Oleana also called on citizens to help each other where necessary.

In addition, Oleana advises citizens to ensure that mobile phones are properly charged and that documents are stored watertight if necessary, if water does enter the house or sudden evacuation is necessary. Oleana also calls on people to install the ‘Disasterprep Bonaire’ application on their mobile phone.


However, it will probably only become clear on Wednesday morning which additional measures will be taken. A hot item in this regard is, for example, the possible closure of schools and shops. More information about this is expected tomorrow. “As time goes on, we also have more information about the weather system. And with that we can make better decisions,” says Oleana.

The interim Governor also called for caution especially on the south side of the island. “This is a lower part of the island. I especially call on residents in that area to be mindful of high waves and strong winds”. Oleana also called on kite surfers and other water sports enthusiasts to stop exercising from tomorrow after noon. “I understand that it can seem nice if you can do things in stronger wind or higher waves that you can’t do otherwise, but watch out for this. The most important thing is safety and preventing people from endangering their lives.


It is striking that the OLB is largely guided by the KNMI in its decisions, instead the Meteo service of Curaçao. “We especially pay attention to the advice of the KNMI there are many sources of information, KNMI in The Netherlands is officially responsible for the situation on the islands. “And that’s what we’re going for,” says Oleana.

Tonight the Island Policy Team (EBT) will meet to make further decisions about measures in case the situation becomes more threatening. In the meantime both Curaçao and Aruba have already announced measures such as school closure and, in the case of Curaçao, a curfew from 4 PM onwards.

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