Bonaire Government with New & Innovative presentation of 2022 budget

Kralendijk- Credit where credit is due: The Government of Bonaire has presented the 2022 in a complete and inovative new way, making it (much) easier for residents to get an idea from what sources the Government expects income, and what it expects in expenditures.

The income is estimated on an expected continuation of the economic recovery that started in mid-2021 and is forecast to continue into 2022. This positive assessment is reinforced by the introduction of the new tourist tax. As a result, an increase in revenue is expected in 2022.

The catch-up in building permits and additional land issuance will further contribute to a solid revenue side of this budget. In addition to the priorities agreed in the Administrative Program and Administrative Agreement, in 2022 and the coming years, Government is committed to intensifying policy aimed at economic recovery and improving services to citizens. This is reflected in the budgeted expenditure and investments. The priorities here are:

• Road refurbishment

• Digitization

• Organisation development

• Social security benchmark

• Recovery of the economy

• Fuel supply


With effect from this budget for 2022, Government estimates its income and expenditure more realistically, with the aim of preventing under-spending in the annual accounts as much as possible.

With the intended policy intentions and the priorities to be realized, substantial investments must be made in certain areas. When drawing up this budget, operational (office) costs have been cut where possible. Nevertheless, the budget shows an expected deficit of USD 1.97 million, which will be covered once from the general reserve built up over the years. The general reserve amounts to USD 36.6 million at the end of 2020, so that it is justified to cover the expected shortfall in 2022 without affecting the financial position of Goverment.

The policy part of the budget is available for inspection on the website of the Public Entity Bonaire. Government invites all residents to take a look at the 2022 budget. Click here to go to the budget page (Dutch).

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