Bonaire Government with special day for Government-owned entities 

Manager of Government Participations, George Mensche, addressing those present at the gathering. Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity Bonaire earlier this week organized a special meeting all government entities, such as Government-owned companies and foundations with fall direct under local Government. 

These include WEB, BIA, OTB, OBNA, BHM, TELBO, TCB, BOG, BonLab, and Selibon. Three government foundations are active: the Public Education Foundation, Fundashon Wega di Number (FNWB) and Beheer Kompleho Deportivo.

In his speech, Island Governor Rijna expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and what has been achieved in the past three years with regard to Good Governance. For example, public recruitment with advertisements is used to recruit new members of the Supervisory Board, so that everyone gets a chance. A new remuneration policy has also been introduced and a new updated Corporate Governance Code has been submitted to the Island Council.

Internal supervision

During the afternoon a proposal was presented and discussed to give more people from Bonaire a chance to fulfill a role a Supervisory Board Member. That is why Government will start an education program in the spring of 2023 for residents who are motivated to fulfil a supervisory role in the future. The program is designed together with NVs and government foundations on Bonaire.

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