Bonaire is grappling with a real fly infestation

The 'harvest' of two days of catching flies. Photo: Ans van der Heijden.

KRALENDIJK – In Bonaire, there is widespread complaint about the nuisance caused by flies. Many residents claim to have never experienced such a large fly infestation before. Interestingly, this time the fly nuisance is not limited to the vicinity of the landfill, where there is often more flies than elsewhere on the island.

A post on social media over the weekend immediately garnered many reactions and agreement that the fly infestation is taking on very large proportions. The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) also noted in December of this year that there was an increase in flies on the island and promised to investigate.


An initial investigation by the Surveillance & Enforcement department of the OLB did not provide significant insights into the cause of the current nuisance. The OLB also stated that, in principle, flies do not pose a danger to public health, but it is important to cover food to prevent flies.

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