Bonaire is set to receive an open water swimming pool near Parke Tului

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire will soon have an ‘open water pool’ in the sea. Parke Tului will be closed for two weeks due to the related works. The construction will start from the 7th of August and will be carried out in four phases. The first phase will involve the creation of the open water pool in the sea.

Research from the sports institute Indebon among primary school students shows that they miss swimming the most in terms of sports and physical activities. “With this sea pool, we are creating more opportunities for children, and school swimming can be expanded,” says Terrence de Jongh from Indebon. An area of 20 x 25 meters will be surrounded by floating pontoons, making it easier and safer for instructors to give lessons to children.

During the preparations for the installation of the open water pool, consultations were held with STINAPA. Measures are being taken to ensure that the open water pool does not damage the underwater park. Once the open water pool is ready, Indebon will manage and maintain it.

In the second phase of the project, a wheelchair ramp will be installed. This will make the water easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and those who are less mobile. The third phase of the project involves the renovation of the play equipment at Parke Tului. The final phase will address the parking spaces next to the park and the traffic situation. When these phases will begin is not yet known.

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