Bonaire Island Council Adopts Motion for better Facilities Fishermen

Especially the lack of a safe area for mooring during bad weather is a pressing issue for the local fishermen. Photo: ABC Online Media

Kralendijk- The Bonaire Island Council during its meeting on Wednesday evening, adopted a motion tabled by the MPB fraction for better facilities for local fishermen.

The theme is not new, nor are the frustrations of the local fishermen, when it comes to decent facilities such as slipways or mooring places.

The motion calls on the Executive Council to secure sea side land close to the Courtyard hotel to construct the new facilities. The motion also calls for the Executive Council to have the Space & Development department of Government draw up a plan for new facilities to be constructed.


While the coalition partners, MPB and UPB have now presented a motion, the opposition played an important role in getting attention for the lack of facilities for local fishery. Especially Daisy Coffie (Independent) and Clark Abraham of PDB time and again asked the Executive Council when promised new facilities and improvements would actually be implemented.

The motion prepared by MPB was unanimously adopted by the Island Council.

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